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Configuring custom filters

How to hide a field from the custom filter builder

Add the Solr field name to AppConfig.collectionQueryExcludeFields. This will also hide the field from the Query Builder.

Adding a new Solr field to the custom filter builder

When a new Solr field is added to the Solr schema, it will automatically get added to the General, or default, category in the custom filter builder and it can be used with any filter type (free text, dropdown, year slider, etc). There are several places to configure the Solr field so that it works as intended:

  1. In QueryField.aliases(), add a human-readable alias for the field.
  2. In QueryField.descriptions(), add a short text description for the field.
  3. Add the field to the corresponding category in QueryField.categoriesMap().
  4. If this is a new Solr field type, add the type to the array of the corresponding filter type in QueryField.filterTypesMap(). If the new Solr field type is case-sensitive, add the type to the array in QueryField.caseSensitiveTypes()