Setting a default access policy for uploads

When data files, metadata documents, and resource maps are uploaded to your repository through the MetacatUI dataset editor, each upload is assigned a DataONE Access Policy. Access Policies define who can view, edit, or edit ownership of an object.

To define the default Access Policy of objects uploaded to your repository, define a defaultAccessPolicy configuration option in the AppConfig object.

In your AppConfig, set the default access policy via the defaultAccessPolicy attribute. The default access policy is an array of literal objects with the following attributes: subject, read, write, and changePermission.

The values of these attributes will be serialized to the system metadata of each object uploaded via the MetacatUI editor.

This default access policy makes all objects publicly readable:

    subject: "public",
    read: true,
    write: false,
    changePermission: false

The above access policy will be serialized into the system metadata as: