Our Team

Because we live in an era where we may only meet in person sporadically, we felt it would be nice to introduce ourselves here to help you put a face to the emails / Slack messages / GitHub issues we exchange going forward! If you would like to email the whole team as one send your questions to scicomp@nceas.ucsb.edu

Julien Brun

brunj7.github.io brunj7 @brunj7brun@nceas.ucsb.edu

As a senior data scientist, the core of Julien’s work is to understand the data and computing challenges researchers are facing and help them to translate these challenges into solvable tasks. Julien advises and mentors on how to clean, structure, combine, and analyze their heterogeneous data sets, as well as scaling up their analysis while promoting open and reproducible data science principles.

Julien is also a Lecturer in the Master in Environmental Data Science program at Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara, where he teaches “good enough” practices in reproducible and collaborative data science.

Angel Chen


Angel supports working groups by developing data pipelines and reproducible analytical workflows to integrate various sources of data. Angel previously worked as a data curator for the Arctic Data Center, helping researchers archive and store their data. Angel recently completed a B.S. in statistics & data science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Nick Lyon

njlyon0.github.io njlyon0 @scilyonlyon@nceas.ucsb.edu

Nick focuses on supporting working groups in the data acquisition and management prerequisite to analysis and visualization. Nick is a trained restoration ecologist who specialized on interacting communities of plants and insects and has extensive experience taking “raw” field-collected data and readying it for hypothesis testing in a rigorous, transparent way. Nick completed his M.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Iowa State University