Collaborating with git and GitHub

So far we have used git locally, on one machine. One strength of git and GitHub are great collaborative tools enabling you to share and co-edit codes and files with other researchers. Git and GitHub can also help you to move files between machines (your work desktop, your laptop, servers, …) and keep the files synchronized across these machines.

Adding remotes to your workflow

It is important to highlight that a good portion of the workflow happens on your local machine (in green) and a part requires interactions with a remote machine (in blue):

Sequence order:

1.) git add Select the files you would like to take a snapshot of

2.) git commit -m "my descriptive message" Take the snapshot adding a descriptive note

——————————————- REMOTE ——————————————-

3.) git pull : be sure you have the latest version of the picture album from the server

4.) git push : send your latest version of the picture album to the server